December 15, 2016

An Active Outdoors Life Despite Myeloma

In July 2007, Jim Dykstra did a lot of hard-core hiking. With his brother and nephew, he hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up. It was a grueling three-day hike, and it was hot outside — 120 degrees. They also took long hikes in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Dykstra…

“Now you all find a cure for this Disease”

“Now you all find a cure for this Disease”

This is the message that accompanied a donation from Owen and Cheryl Brown of Marietta, Georgia. Straight-forward and to-the-point.  Given, as was the donation, in the spirit of helping all patients and their families who are challenged by myeloma. When Cheryl Brown was diagnosed in 2015, she knew it was important to be treated by…

‘All in’ for Clinical Care Excellence

Holly Langster

Caring, Compassionate, Skilled. These adjectives describe nurses that every patient wants at the bedside. They also apply to Holly Langster, the Myeloma Institute’s director of clinical operations, who joined our team in July. An advanced practice nurse with more than 20 years of nursing experience, Langster holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice, a degree that…

November 17, 2016

UAMS’ van Rhee Receives Award for Castleman Disease

November 1, 2016

Blog Gives Multiple Myeloma Patient Way to Share

Sean Murray UAMS Myeloma Institute

Oct. 27, 2016 | Sean Murray of Kimberling City, Missouri, was working a stressful job in November 2008. His project list was long and deadlines were coming due. So, yes, he noticed the pain in the upper middle part of his back. But the 49-year-old figured it was a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle…

October 13, 2016

“I owe my life to UAMS.”

This video was filmed in 2011 when David Fajgenbaum was in in his third year of medical school. Since then, Fajgenbaum has had two more life-threatening relapses, but he is currently in his longest remission since becoming ill with HHV-8-negative multicentric Castleman disease. Fajgenbaum, MD, MBA, MSc, is now an assistant professor of Medicine in…

May 6, 2016

From the Director

Dear Readers, The world of myeloma research is undergoing exciting advances that are changing the landscape of diagnosis and therapeutic interventions. With new drug development, creative combinations of drugs, increased understanding of how the body’s immune system can be harnessed, and the ability to define each patient’s disease at the molecular level, we can now…

From the Editor

Janet Aronson

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Myeloma, the journal of the Myeloma Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The goal of Myeloma is to provide timely updates about progress in clinical treatment and research advances, as well as stories and information of general interest. As a world leader in myeloma and related…

The Myeloma’s Institute Approach for Advances and a Cure

Innovative translational research has been at the core of the UAMS myeloma program since its inception in 1989. Translational research is research that bridges basic science with developments in clinical care.  Breakthroughs in the laboratory are translated rapidly into clinical care applications. Over the years, the Myeloma Institute’s translational research concept has been to control…

Distilling Excellence

America’s largest family-owned and operated distilled spirits producer, Heaven Hill Brands, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has grown beyond its traditional roots as a Bourbon distiller to become the country’s seventh largest overall distilled spirits producer with a portfolio of innovative and relative products.

Commitment to excellence… focus on customers… ongoing improvement… ingenuity and resourcefulness… treating others with dignity and respect… nimbly adapting to new developments. These are values that help an organization perform at its best and endure. They have guided Heaven Hill Distilleries throughout its 80-year history and have ensured its success. America’s largest family-owned and operated…

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