Myeloma Institute Legacy Endowment (MILE) Program

Through the MILE program, donors can play an important role in ensuring that the Myeloma Institute is well-positioned for years to come.

An endowment is “the gift that keeps on giving,” because it generates investment income that can be used by the Myeloma Institute to support research and other programs or operations. Endowments provide ongoing benefits by earning a market rate of return while keeping the core endowment principal intact to generate funds for future years.

Endowments can be set up for specific purposes or they can be unrestricted, which allows Myeloma Institute leadership to direct earnings for our most critical needs.

Endowment gifts can include naming opportunities. For example, an endowed chair or endowed professorship that bears the name of the donor generates investment income from the endowed principle; this frees up capital with which we can hire new talent and initiate new research projects. Similarly, an endowment can be created to support a specific research program or laboratory, which can be named for the donor.

By going the extra MILE, you can provide long-term, dependable funds that enable the Myeloma Institute to continue to lead the way in curing myeloma and related diseases. You can establish a new endowment or contribute to an existing one, using cash, securities, or other assets.