Major Gifts

major-giftsAn opportunity to make an exceptional gift to realize extraordinary advancements

Your philanthropic investment in the Myeloma Institute can accelerate discoveries, bring life-changing treatments into clinical practice, and lead the transformation of myeloma research and care around the world.

Major gifts may come from individuals, organizations, corporations, or foundations. Major gifts can be current gifts, in which money is donated or pledged immediately, or deferred gifts, in which money is donated through a bequest, charitable remainder trust, or other planned giving mechanism.

You can donate cash, appreciated financial assets or tangible personal property as a major gift. You can also receive a charitable deduction for an outright gift of cash. You have the opportunity to make a profound impact by investing in an area which interests you most.  You can choose whether you want your gift to be directed to support general research at the Myeloma Institute or to a specific research program, piece of equipment, or endowment.

Appropriate naming opportunities are also available, and major donors are recognized through a sustaining lifetime membership in the Circle of Life.

Please join us in advancing myeloma research and care by providing support for opportunities such as:

  • Investing in our new Center for Molecular Diagnostics, where the use and refinement of genomics and other novel diagnostic tools enable the development of personalized medicine strategies aimed at targeting the distinct genetic signals that affect each patient’s disease. Through a deeper understanding of the molecular changes that take place in myeloma, the Myeloma Institute will be better equipped to identify the most appropriate drug therapies that will produce the best outcomes with minimal toxicity and that will make a cure truly achievable for the majority of patients. The Center focuses on the translation of discovery to clinical applications, allowing us to develop novel treatments for optimal effectiveness and ultimately, cure for patients with myeloma and related diseases.
  • Establishing an endowment to enable the recruitment and retention of leading myeloma specialists and to support innovative research that transforms the way we diagnose, treat, and care for myeloma and related diseases.
  • Supporting the development of a portfolio of robust clinical trials that offers newly diagnosed and relapsed and/or refractory patients access to promising new treatments. By establishing a new Phase I Clinical Trials unit, we are strengthening our commitment to patients by developing options for advanced treatment. Phase I studies are critical to advancing cancer care.

Our giving options are flexible to meet your needs: you can pledge your gift over a year or multiple years to ensure it makes a lasting impact.