Diagnosis and Staging

Multiple myeloma can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms may be vague or mimic symptoms of other diseases.  It is important that a complete work-up be conducted in order to accurately diagnose and stage the disease.

Blood SamplePart of the diagnostic process is to classify the disease as MGUS, asymptomatic myeloma, or overt myeloma. At the Myeloma Institute, disease classification includes state-of-the-art molecular classification of the myeloma cells. This approach is crucial for our physicians to design the best possible treatment course for each individual patient.

The work-up for multiple myeloma involves 4–5 days of testing, including blood work, bone marrow sampling, imaging, and cardiac and pulmonary testing.  Explore the links blow to learn more.

Blood Work and Bone Marrow Sampling

Skeletal System Imaging

Cardiac and Pulmonary Function Testing