Make an Appointment

Chrissy Adams, New Patient Intake Coordinator

April Johnson, New Patient Intake Coordinator

New patients appointments can usually be scheduled within two weeks of the initial request for an appointment. It is advisable for patients to be seen as quickly as possible, preferably before receiving treatment elsewhere. This maximizes treatment options for the best possible outcome.

If I am a physician, how do I refer a patient to the Institue?
Call 501-686-7105 or 1-888-MYELOMA (693-5662). You can also use our secure web form to submit information.

If I am an individual with Myeloma, how do I become a patient of the Myeloma Institute?
You or your physician may contact us via phone at 501-686-7105 or 1-888-MYELOMA (693-5662) or Internet to schedule an appointment. When you call, please have as much information as possible (e.g., diagnosis and date of diagnosis; chemotherapy history; referring physician’s name, address, phone number, fax number; your insurance policy information). We try to schedule appointments within 2-4 weeks.

The assistant who takes your call will send you a packet of information about the Myeloma Institute. Included with the packet are maps and a list of area hotels. One of the Myeloma Institute nurses may call you or your physician if there is specific medical information that needs to be discussed prior to your appointment. We will advise you and your physician about medical records that should be brought with you on your first visit. Your records from prior treatment are useful in the process of making a diagnosis and outlining a treatment plan. We will keep your physician informed about the progress of your care at the Myeloma Institute.

What if I live outside the United States?
International patients are welcome at the Institute. You may contact one of the following for assistance:

Jo Smith, Director, Special Services – 501-526-6261 or
Jane Corley, Patient Coordinator for Special Services – 501-686-7133 or
Kristen Hooper, Financial Coordinator for Special Services – 501-526-6229 or

The Myeloma Institute has access to a large number of medical interpreters, certified to translate health information for patient and family members in languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian and Vietnamese.

How will my doctor at home be kept up to date about my treatment at the Myeloma Institute?
Myeloma Institute physicians work in close collaboration with patients’ local doctors. Reports based on clinic visits and inpatient hospitalizations are sent to local doctors on a regular basis. In addition, local doctors can view patient progress information through MDLink, a Web-based program that allows local doctors access to their patients’ UAMS treatment results in a timely and secure manner.

The Navigator, a handbook for patients at the UAMS Myeloma Institute