Discoveries and Contributions of Total Therapy Trials

Since initiating the first Total Therapy trial in 1989, doctors and researchers at the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy have made significant discoveries and observations that have led to life-saving practices and therapies. Notable examples include the following:

*Complete response: No abnormal monoclonal proteins (M-proteins) in the blood serum or urine, disappearance of any soft-tissue plasmacytomas (malignant plasma-cell tumors), less than 5% plasma cells in bone marrow.

**Event-free survival: Survival without experiencing any myeloma-related event.

***Partial response: At least 50% reduction in the size of soft-tissue plasmacytomas, at least 50% reduction of serum M-proteins and less than 200 mg of urine M-proteins in a 24-hour period. For situations in which M-proteins are immeasurable, additional requirements involve reductions in free light chain levels and bone marrow plasma cells.