Personalized Medicine

Through long-term intensive translational research at the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy, we have discovered that our patients benefit most from a personalized approach to treatment. Multiple myeloma can be separated into several different categories based on the cellular and molecular characteristics of individual patients’ myeloma cells. Patients have better outcomes when they receive treatment tailored to their specific disease types.

Researchers at the Myeloma Institute use state-of-the-art gene array analysis to characterize molecular features of this disease. We apply this knowledge to more accurately predict which patients will benefit the most from specific therapies. This forms the basis for our ground-breaking risk-based therapy for myeloma.

The Myeloma Institute is the only myeloma treatment facility in the world that routinely offers gene array analysis for newly referred patients and uses this information to manage a patient’s disease and plan therapy. This personalized treatment approach can be applied within 96 hours of a patient’s first visit.