Oral Mucositis Grading

Title:  Use of a Photo Thermal Camera and Infrared Thermometer to Grade the Severity of Oral Mucositis in Subjects undergoing Antineoplastic Chemotherapy
Sponsor:  UAMS
PI:  Elias Anaissie, MD 
Phase:  Ib
Purpose:  To investigate the feasibility of using photo thermal camera and infrared (IR) thermometer to grade the severity of oral mucositis in patients with multiple myeloma undergoing chemotherapy.
Eligibility:  Patients who have developed Oral Mucositis (an inflammation of the lining in your mouth) due to receiving chemotherapy as part of their preparation for a stem cell transplant, patients are being invited to participate in a research study to evaluate the feasibility of thermal imaging for assessment of oral mucositis.
Treatment:   The patients with mucositis will be seen after their mucositis is resolved. We will obtain repeat photo thermal camera images, IR thermometer readings, self-assessment questionnaire, digital photography of the oral cavity and WHO mucositis scores during this visit and compare these data with initial data.
Contact:  Nathan Petty
E-mail: pettynathanm@uams.edu
Phone: 501-526-6990 ext. 2435