Chimeric Antibody Against Interleukin-6

Title:    UARK 2004-23: A Phase I Study of Multiple Intravenous administrations of a Chimeric Antibody Against Interleukin-6 (CNTO 328) in Subjects with B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, or Castleman’s Disease 
Sponsor:  Centocor 
PI:  Frits van Rhee, MD and PhD 
Purpose:  The purpose of this study is to evaluate five different doses and schedules of CNTO 328 to see which dose/ schedule is safe. 
Eligibility:  Approximately 10 patients, male and female, age 18 and older, regardless of race or ethnicity, will participate in this study at UAMS. 
Treatment:  Depending on when you enter the study, you will be assigned to receive one course of CNTO 328 in one of the following groups:
   a) Group 1: 3mg/kg given once every two weeks for 4 infusions
   b) Group 2: 6mg/kg given once every two weeks for 4 infusions
   c) Group 3: 12mg/kg given once every three weeks for 3 infusions
   d) Group 4: 6mg/kg given once a week for seven consecutive weeks for 7 infusions
   e) Group 5: 12mg/kg given once every two weeks for 4 infusions 
Contact: Nathan Petty
Phone: 501-526-6990 ext. 2435