Total Therapy 6

Title:   UARK 2008-03, TOTAL THERAPY 6: Phase II Trial for Patients not qualifying for TT4 and TT5, Protocols because of Prior Therapy (no prior transplant) 
Sponsor:  UAMS/ MIRT 
PI:  Bart Barlogie, MD, PhD
Phase:   II 
Purpose:  This study is being done in an attempt to improve the remission rate and the survival time for participants with high-risk myeloma. 
Eligibility:  To be eligible for this study you must have high-risk multiple myeloma that requires treatment. About 100 research participants, male or female, ages 18-75, regardless of race or ethnicity, will take part in this study.
Treatment:  In this study, participants will receive several chemotherapy drugs previously shown to be effective in myeloma, but in lower doses and in shorter cycles. It is hoped that by giving the drugs in this way, myeloma cells will not have time to re-grow between cycles, therefore resulting in longer remissions. 
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