A first-time visit to the Myeloma Institute involves five to seven days of comprehensive evaluation, including extensive diagnostic testing, nurse and physician visits.

The Myeloma Institute is located in the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute (Cancer Institute) on the UAMS campus. Upon arrival at the Cancer Institute, you will go to the Myeloma Institute clinic on the 8th floor and check in at the registration desk. The registration clerk will confirm general information such as date of birth and address, and health insurance, and will give you a packet that contains your diagnostic testing schedule.

Diagnostic testing may include lab work, bone marrow biopsy, with unique molecular diagnostics, x-rays, MRI, bone density exam, and PET scan.  Diagnostic testing will be done over three to four days.

Specially trained volunteers are available to help new patients navigate from one diagnostic test to the next.

You will meet with an intake nurse who will go over your medical history and an insurance specialist who will assist with health insurance issues and financial arrangements. You will also meet with a social worker to go over any concerns or special needs you might have.

After diagnostic testing has been completed and results have been posted in the electronic medical record, you will meet with your Myeloma Institute physician.

Based on the results from your diagnostic tests, the physician might want to order additional tests or procedures at this point.* A recommended course of treatment will be outlined, and future visits to the Myeloma Institute, if indicated, will be planned. Results of this first visit will be sent to your local/referring physician.