Patient Samples (UARK 91-004)

UARK 91-004: Therapeutic Research in Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders



UARK 91-004: Therapeutic Research in Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders




Bart Barlogie, MD




The purpose of this study is to learn how myeloma cells grow and become a cancer, how to distinguish them from normal cells and how to eliminate these cells selectively.


Each year approximately 600-650 patients, male or female, age 18 or older, regardless of race or ethnicity, will participate in this study which is conducted at UAMS only. In order to understand the features of myeloma cells, its treatment, and potential complications, samples from participants with myeloma and related diseases, as well as subjects with no disease (to serve as a control comparison) will be collected and studied. We will also be analyzing bone specimens from participants who undergo knee surgery.


This is not a treatment study. Participating in this study will require that blood and bone marrow samples be obtained as a part of the diagnostic work-up or follow-up of your multiple myeloma. Bone marrow/peripheral blood/tissue samples will be collected for research purposes, as well as testing for genetic traits of Castleman’s disease if you consent to this study.  In addition, data will be collected including demographic information gathered from your medical record, including gender, date of birth, ethnicity, date of diagnosis, laboratory and pathology results, treatment protocols, dates of relapses, subsequent treatment protocols, and current treatments and medications.


Nathan Petty
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