Tips on Coming to UAMS for Treatment


1. Expect to be overwhelmed with information and instruction when you first begin. Feeling this is normal but as you become familiar with terms, medications, etc. you will feel more comfortable.

2. Be involved in your treatment process: listen, ask questions, take notes and collect data.

3. I (caregiver) have compiled to this point seven notebooks concerning my husband’s treatment these past 8+ years. They are each organized with the same categories: Schedule…..Calendar…..Contacts…..Labs….Tests (CT/PET/MRI), Medications and Physician. This is for my reference as well as answering questions about when we did what and what we did. I update my husband’s medication list before each visit, make several copies, and have it ready to give to the clinic nurse.

4. It is easier to prevent nausea than to break its cycle. Taking the prescribed medication on schedule is important. If what is prescribed is not effective, there are other options……ask.

5. Being recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma means you’ll be benefiting from years of research, study and cutting-edge therapies. My husband and I have seen huge leaps of progress in the treatment of this disease. You have made the wise decision to come to the MIRT in Little Rock as they constantly research new techniques and drugs to find a cure.

6. If you travel via plane, always schedule your flights for the day after your exit visit. Remember, however, your stay may be longer than you expected. This is inconvenient but necessary for thoroughness.