Helpful Hints – Patient to Patient

helpful hints

Patients tell the story of dealing with myeloma better than anyone else. They live the process. They develop ways to cope.

The following pages include tips and pointers and messages of inspiration from Myeloma Institute patients. They share their thoughts in the hope that other patients will find them helpful.The patient to patient bond can be one of the strongest. All of us at the Myeloma Institute encourage this special bonding.

Patient #1 – Tips on Coming to UAMS for Myeloma Treatment
Patient #2 – Patient Testimony, Against All Odds
Patient #3 – Providing Encouragement to Other Patients
Patient #4 – UAMS Is the Best Place to Be
Patient #5 – Staying Well Informed About Your Condition
Patient #6 – Recommendations From One Patient to Another
Patient #7 – What I Have Learned as a Patient
Patient #8 – Overcoming Fear

If you would like to add your thoughts and advice, please let us know. We would be happy to hear from you. You can e-mail us, or send us something in the mail:

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