Ya-Wei Qiang, M.D., Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Medicine

Ph.D., Department of Molecular and Tumor Pathology, Chiba University School of Medicine, Japan
M.S., Department of Hematology/Oncology, Xian Medical University, China
M.D., Xian Medical University, China
Postdoctoral fellowship, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland

Selected Publications:

1. Qiang YW, Chen Y, Brown N, Ho B, Epstein J, Barlogie B, and Shaughnessy J Jr. Characterization of Wnt/b-catenin signaling in osteoclasts in multiple myeloma. British Journal of Hematology. 2010; 148:726-38.

2. Qiang YW, Hu B, Chen Y, Zhong Y, Shi B, Barlogie B, Shaughnessy J Jr. Bortezomib induces osteoblast differentiation via Wnt-independent activation of beta-catenin/TCF signaling. Blood, 2009;113: 4319-30.

3. Qiang, YW, Chen Y, Stephens O, Brown N, Chen B, Epstein J, Barlogie B, and Shaughnessy JD Jr. Myeloma-derived Dickkopf-1 disrupts Wnt-regulated osteoprotegerin and RANKL production by osteoblasts: a potential mechanism underlying osteolytic bone lesions in multiple myeloma. Blood. 2008,1112(1): 196-207

4. Qiang YW, Barlogie B, Rudikoff S and Shaughnessy J Jr. Dkk1-induced inhibition of Wnt signaling in osteoblast differentiation is an underlying mechanism of bone loss in multiple myeloma. Bone, 2008; 42(4): 669-80

5. Qiang YW, Shaughnessy J Jr. and Yaccoby S. Wnt3a Signaling Within Bone Inhibits Multiple Myeloma Bone Disease and Tumor Growth. Blood, 2008;112(2): 374-82

6. Qiang YW, Walsh K, Yao L, Kedei N, Blumberg P, Rubin J, Shaughnessy J Jr. and Rudikoff S. Wnts induce migration and invasion of myeloma cells via activation of RhoA and PKC pathways. Blood. 2005; 106(5): 1786-93

7. Qiang YW and Rudikoff S. Wnt signaling in B and T lymphocytes. Front Biosci. 2004; 9: 1000-10

8. Qiang YW, Yao L, Tosato G, Rudikoff S. Insulin-like Growth Factor I induces migration and invasion of human multiple myeloma cells. Blood. 2004; 103(1): 301-8

9. Qiang YW, Endo Y, Rubin J, Rudikoff S. Wnt Signaling in B cell Neoplasia. Oncogene. 2003; 22(10): 1536-45