Tarun Garg, Ph.D.


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Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Department of Zoology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

Postdoctoral fellowship, Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Selected Publications:

Van Rhee F, Szmania S, Dillon M, van Abbema  A, Li X, Stone KM, Shi J, Garg TK, Moreno-Bost AM, Chao D, Rice AG, Zhan F, Shaughnessy J, Barlogie B, Yaccoby S & Afar DEH. Combinatorial efficacy of anti-CS1 monoclonal antibody elotuzumab (HuLuc63) and bortezomib against multiple myeloma. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2009, 8:2616-2624.

Shi J, Tricot GJ, Szmania S, Rosen N, Garg TK, Malaviarachchi PA, Moreno A, DuPont B, Hsu KC, Lowe LA, Fox MC, Shaughnessy JD, Barlogie B & Van Rhee F. Infusion of haplo-identical killer immuno- globulin-like receptor ligand mismatched NK cells for relapsed myeloma in the setting of autologous stem cell transplantation. British Journal of Hematology 2008, 143:641-653.

Shi J, Tricot GJ, Garg TK, Priyangi A, Szmania S, Kellum R, Storrie B, Mulder A, Shaughnessy JD, Barlogie B & Van Rhee F. Bortezomib down-regulates the cell-surface expression of HLA-class I and enhances natural killer cell-mediated lysis of myeloma. Blood 2008, 111:1309-1317.

Garg TK & Chang JY. Methylmercury causes oxidative stress and cytotoxicity in microglia: Attenuation by 15-deoxy-delta 12, 14-PGJ2. Journal of Neuroimmunology 2003, 171:17-28.

Garg TK & Chang JY. 15-deoxy-delta 12, 14-Prostaglandin J2 prevents reactive oxygen species generation and mitochondrial membrane depolarization induced by oxidative stress. BMC Pharmacology 2004, 4:6.

Garg TK & Chang JY. Oxidative stress causes ERK phosphorylation and cell death in cultured retinal pigment epithelium: Prevention of cell death by AG 126 and 15-deoxy-delta 12, 14-PGJ2. BMC Ophthalmology 2003, 3:5.