Erming Tian, Ph.D., MBA


Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D.,The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
MBA, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Postdoctoral fellowship: The Institute of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Selected Publications:

Sawyer JR, Tian E, Thomas E, Koller M, Stangeby C, Sammartino G, Goosen L, Swanson C, Binz RL, Barlogie B, Shaughnessy J. Evidence for a novel mechanism for gene amplification in multiple myeloma: 1q12 pericentromeric heterochromatin mediates breakage-fusion-bridge cycles of a 1q12 approximately 23 amplicon. Br J Haematol. 2009 Nov;147(4):484-94

Hov H, Tian E, Holien T, Holt RU, Våtsveen TK, Fagerli UM, Waage A, Børset M, Sundan A. c-Met signaling promotes IL-6-induced myeloma cell proliferation.
Eur J Haematol. 2009 Apr;82(4):277-87

Erming Tian, Terry H. Landowski, Owen W. Stephens, Shmuel Yaccoby, Bart Barlogie, and John D. Shaughnessy, Jr. Ellipticine derivative NSC 338258 represents a potential new antineoplastic agent for the treatment of multiple myeloma.
Mol Cancer Therapeutics 2008 Mar; 7(3): 500-509

Jeffrey R. Sawyer, Guido Tricot, Janet L. Lukacs, Regina Lichti Binz, Erming Tian, Bart Barlogie, and John Shaughnessy, Jr. Genomic Instability in Multiple Myeloma: Evidence for Jumping Segmental Duplications of Chromosome Arm 1q Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer 2005; 42: 95–106

Tian E, Zhan F, Walker R, Rasmussen E, Ma Y, Barlogie B, Shaughnessy JD Jr.
The role of the Wnt-signaling antagonist DKK1 in the development of osteolytic lesions in multiple myeloma. New England Journal of Medicine 2003 Dec 25; 349(26):2483-94

Zhan F, Tian E, Bumm K, Smith R, Barlogie B, Shaughnessy J Jr.
Gene expression profiling of human plasma cell differentiation and classification of multiple myeloma based on similarities to distinct stages of late-stage B-cell development. Blood 2003 Feb 1; 101(3):1128-40