Edgardo J.C. Angtuaco, M.D.



Professor of Radiology

Chief, Division of Neuroradiology and MRI

M.D. University of the Philippines
Chief Resident Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.

Research interest: “We are investigating the significance of imaging studies showing marrow involvement in multiple myeloma and relating these findings with patient outcomes. Response to therapy as measured with imaging studies of magnetic resonance imaging are being correlated with morbidity issues of compression fractures, relapse and event free survival. Our investigational effort in this disease is in the study and performance of CT-directed biopsies with cytogenetic results and vertebroplasties with compression fractures with improving this associated morbidity.”

Selected Publications::

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Avva R, Vanhemert RL, Barlogie B et al. CT-guided biopsy of focal lesions in patients with multiple myeloma may reveal new and more aggressive cytogenetic abnormalities. Am J Neurorad 2001; 22:781-785.

Angtuaco EJ, Avva R, Munshi CN et al. MR skeletal survey of the axial skeleton: A predictor of patient survival in multiple myeloma? Radiology 1999: 213 (suppl): 294.

Angtuaco EJ, Justus M, Sethi R, et al. Analysis of compression fractures in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma on comprehensive therapy. Radiology 2001; 221(P) 138.

Complete remission by MRI (MR-CR) after tandem autotransplants associated with superior survival.  Blood 92: 1998.

Angtuaco EJ, Fassas A, Walker R, Sethi R, Barlogie B. Multiple Myeloma: Clinical Review and Diagnostic Imaging.Radiology, April 2004.