Public Data/Software

On this site you will find data that has been cleared for public use by the Director of the Lambert Laboratory of Myeloma Genetics.

We present the array Comparative Genomics Hybridization (aCGH) paired with Affymetrix U133 Plus 2 data sets on bone marrow aspirates obtained from 92 newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients who were subsequently treated on NIH-sponosred clinical trials.

We present the gene expression profile of Multiple Myeloma established with Affymetrix GeneChip *.txt files from 74 newly diagnosed Multiple Myelomas, 5 MGUS, 31 normal bone marrow, and 8 Myeloma Cell lines. All samples are encrypted to protect privacy. On all samples we do do not provide any further demographic information than the age and gender.

We furthermore present CGO (Clinical Gene Organizer), a software that is aimed to facilitate application of microarray derived gene expression in clinical research. Microarray data is entered in the labs and clinical relevant data can be extracted in the clinic. The CGO software is still in the alpha stage development and should be used with caution.

The download files are Winzip compressed. In case you don’t already have Winzip installed, a free version of it is available on

Free Downloads

  1. Agilent aCGH files paired with Affymterix U133 Plus 2 gene expression files for 92 newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients who were subsequently treated on NIH-sponosred Total Therapy 2 protocol aCGH data
  2. Molecular Determinants of High-Risk Multiple Myeloma Reflect a Central Role of Genomic Abnormalities of Chromosome
    70-gene Risk Stratification Model
  3. Predicting Cancer Susceptibility from Single-Neocleotide Polymorphism Data: A Case Study in Multiple Myeloma 
    pdf file   Arkansas 2 C1.xls   Arkansas 2 C2.xls   Arkansas 2 C3.xls   Arkansas 2 C4.xls
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  5. Clinical Gene Organizer (CGO-1) program (Access 97 version) -along with attachment
  6. Clinical Gene Organizer (CGO-2) program (Access 200 version) (preloaded with 74 multiple myelomas, 5 MGUS, 31 NPC, and 8 MM cell lines) -along with attachment
  7. Additional information on Clinical Gene Organizer (CGO) -along with attachment
  8. Affymetrix HuGeneFL *.txt files for 74 newly diagnosed multiple myelomas -along with attachment 74
  9. Affymetrix HuGeneFL *.txt files for 31 normal bone marrow derived plasma cells -along with attachment 31
  10. Affymetrix HuGeneFL *.txt files for 5 MGUS -along with attachment 5
  11. Affymetrix HuGeneFL *.txt files for 8 multiple myeloma cell lines -along with attachment 8 myeloma cell
  12. Affymetrix HuGeneFL *.txt files for 7 B-cell tonsils -along with attachment
  13. Affymetrix HuGeneFL *.txt files for 7 plasma cell tonsils -along with attachment
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