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New!  Governor Mike Beebe proclaims the month of March as Myeloma Awareness Month!

Important Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding Seasonal Influenza:  “Flu activity is increasing nationally and is high in some states. Additional increases are expected in the coming weeks.”  UAMS Infection Control recommends that Myeloma Institute patients and caregivers 1)    Wear masks while at UAMS to prevent droplet spread  2)   Practice diligent hand hygiene to prevent contact spread  Remember: where you touch someone else has already touched!  Influenza virus can live on surfaces for two hours!

Understanding Cancer Series (NCI)

From “In Arkansas” magazine read Notable Neighbors: Dr. Bart Barlogie of Hillcrest

Listen to Dr. Frits van Rhee’s discussion of the Total Therapy program for myeloma on CurePanel


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