Imagine a machine that could change the way we diagnose and treat serious diseases such as cancer.

This new frontier in single-cell analysis enables researchers, for the first time, to study the function of the whole immune system at a single cell level, undoubtedly transforming our understanding of immune system functions, including how cells become diseased and how they respond to various drugs.

Mass cytometry is revolutionary technology that marries the advantages of single-cell, high speed analysis of standard flow cytometry with the resolution, specificity, and sensitivity of mass spectrometry.

This game-changing approach requires the use of a specialized instrument, called a CyTOF (Time of Flight Mass Cytometry), designed specifically for this analysis.

CyTOF offers an unparalleled opportunity for the researchers and physicians at the Myeloma Institute to accelerate cancer immunology research and immunotherapy drug development to benefit patients around the world.

Unfortunately, university research funding is limited and pursuit of this cutting-edge technology is a high priority.   The Myeloma Institute is committed to accelerating cancer immunology research and immunotherapy clinical development, but we need your support.  We must have funding.  Times are changing, and technology has brought us closer to the answers we need.   

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Flying into the Future with CyTOF