There are numerous opportunities for giving to the Myeloma Institute.

Making a donation in support of research, greatest need, and patient needs

Donations in support of research and greatest need can be made online, or alternatively, donations can be mailed along with a UAMS Myeloma Institute Gift Form.

Donations in support of patient needs can be made via check as follows:

1)      Make check payable to UAMS Auxiliary*

2)      Enter Patient Support Fund on the memo line

3)      Mail check to:

Myeloma Institute Development Division

4301 West Markham #816

Little Rock, AR 72205

*The Patient Support Fund resides in a distinct account within the UAMS Auxiliary, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to UAMS patients and is a component of the UAMS Center for Patients and Families.

Questions can be directed to Janet Aronson, Director of Development & Communications at or Amanda Smith, Associate Director of Development and Communications at

Hosting a fund-raising event to benefit the Myeloma Institute 

Contact Janet Aronson at or Amanda Smith at

Volunteering at the Myeloma Institute

Contact Janie Lowe, Director of Volunteer Services, Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute at

Serving as an “Experienced Patient”

Interested in talking with new patients from your region of the country? Learn more here.