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Since 1989 the Myeloma Institute has served more than 10,000 patients afflicted with multiple myeloma and related disorders.  Each year the Myeloma Institute evaluates approximately 450 new patients, 40% of whom come from outside the State of Arkansas, from all over the United States and abroad.

In fact, the Myeloma Institute sees more patients with multiple myeloma and related diseases per year than any other institution in the world. On any given day there are about 300 patients staying in Little Rock for diagnosis and treatment at the Myeloma Institute.

The Myeloma Institute routinely offers gene array analysis for every newly referred patient and utilizes this information for patient management. Our physicians have in-depth knowledge and unprecedented expertise in the management of multiple myeloma and related diseases.

The numbers below are related to our large patient care volume.

 Fiscal Year 2013

Number of Transplants


Number of Clinic Visits


Number of Clinical Trial participants


Number of MRIs


Number of PETs


Number of Bone Marrows


Number of Cytogenetics



The Myeloma Institute has pioneered many breakthrough developments and discoveries.
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