The Myeloma Institute has received $10 million dollars to create the Bart Barlogie Center for Molecular Diagnostics and establish the Celgene Distinguished Endowed Chair in Molecular Therapeutics. Press Release.

Since 1989, our mission has been guided by one enduring principle: CURE.  UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy is a world leader in multiple myeloma research and treatment. Our team of dynamic scientists and clinicians translates advances from the laboratory into novel clinical treatments, continually expanding the boundaries of myeloma research and therapy toward cure for all patients. The Myeloma Institute has pioneered many breakthrough developments and discoveries. Read more about our significant firsts.

What is Multiple Myeloma?

What is Myeloma?




Learn about myeloma biology, symptoms, diagnosis and more.


What Patients Say About Us

What Patients Say About Us




The Myeloma Institute has one of the highest volumes of multiple myeloma patients in the world. Our patients have great things to say about us.


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Little Rock is the capital and largest city in Arkansas, as well as the state center for business, healthcare and culture. Discover more about Little Rock, including information on travel, lodging, and dining.


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